Delivering Care Beyond Our Products

Why We Exist

The essence of Noody is not just about products—it's about compassion, care, and community. While our journey began with the goal of providing quality care for little ones, we've come to realise the broader challenges families face daily. In response, the Noody Foundation was born.

Our Purpose

Our focus is multifaceted, aiming to offer a lifeline to families when they need it most. Here's how:

  • Financial Assistance: Navigating life's challenges often comes with unforeseen costs. We're here to provide financial relief to families, ensuring they have one less hurdle to overcome.
  • Education & Resources: Empowerment comes from understanding. We're dedicated to offering educational content, support, and resources, arming families with the tools they need to thrive.
  • Community Building: We're stronger together. Our initiatives foster connections, allowing families to share, grow, and support one another.
  • Making A Genuine Impact

  • Every Noody purchase you make is a contribution to a bigger cause. 1% of our direct sales power the Noody Foundation, turning your patronage into tangible help for families in need. Our committed team ensures every cent makes a genuine impact where it counts.

Know a Family in Need? Give Them a Noody Nudge

Is there a family you know navigating life's challenges or simply in need of support? Nominate them to join the Noody Foundation. With your help, we can light the way for many.

Email to nominate.