Inspired by little ones, crafted for yours.

Meet Noody, All natural and highly effective skincare for young, sensitive skin. Our mission was inspired by our children, Georgie and Freddie, who suffered from severe chronic eczema from a young age, affecting their development and overall well-being.

We crafted our products with a focus on children’s safety and comfort. We avoid harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, ensuring our formulations are gentle on young skin. We firmly believe in the nurturing power of natural skincare, bringing only the kindest, most effective ingredients to your family.

Born from personal experiences and crafted with care. Join Noody in making children’s skincare safe, fun, and special.

All natural, kindly made for sensitive skin

Our Ingredients

  • All Natural, Kindly Made

    We've created a skincare line just for your little one, blending nature’s gentle treasures like botanical extracts, oils, and honey, ensuring a soothing experience suitable for all tiny tots and their varying skin types. Our carefully picked ingredients are all about nurturing and pampering their delicate skin, aligning with our promise to intertwine effectiveness with nature’s pure kindness.

  • Botanical Blends

    Featuring a blend hailing from New Zealand's rich botanicals. Combining Kawakawa and UMF 25+ Manuka honey, our formula soothes and calms skin in minutes. It's our tribute to nature's best, offering quick relief and ultimate nourishment. Experience a touch of kiwi botanicals with every dab of our Calm Balm and Lotion Potion.


    Derived from chicory and agave roots, preBIULIN AGA offers gentle care for sensitive skin. This vegan-certified hydrator goes beyond surface moisture. It's nature's answer to deep hydration, rivaling even Hyaluronic acid. preBIULIN AGA also protects against common skincare preservatives, reinforcing the skin’s natural barriers and promoting a healthy skin microbiota balance.

Our commitment

  • Pure from the First Touch

    Heads up, Noody Rudies! What's on our label is what's in our bottle. We're uncompromising in our devotion to your child's skin. Every Noody product is an emblem of purity, crafted with only the essentials and nothing that might harm those tender cheeks. Dive deep into our ingredient list, and you’ll encounter natural elements that resonate with nature's rhythm—free from harmful toxins, alien-sounding chemicals, and allergens that make you go, “Huh?”. Our commitment is to prioritise your little one's health over everything, ensuring our products are exactly what they promise to be.

  • Supporting local families

    For every squirt, slather, and drop of Noody you enjoy, know that you're part of something bigger. We're tickled pink to introduce the Noody Foundation. Here, 1% of our sales dive right back into local communities, families, and those little hands that need a gentle touch.

  • Every Drop Counts

    Detail is our second nature. From the source of our ingredients to the soothing sensation they provide, we immerse ourselves in the nitty-gritty. Every Noody product is the result of countless hours, making sure we're delivering potent, nutrient-rich formulas minus the shortcuts. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring it deserves its spot in our bottles. And our fixation doesn’t stop at the product; we meticulously choose our packaging, our active ingredients, all to make sure your Noody experience is nothing short of perfection.

  • By Parents, For Tiny Treasures

    We've been in your shoes, juggling story times with the quest for kind products. We’ve felt the anxiety of choosing products for our own, which fueled our ambition to create Noody. By putting our experiences into play, we aim to simplify wellness for your little ones. We’re our first testers, ensuring we only bring to the table what we’d use on our own. We're here to guide, educate, and empower every parent wanting the best for their child.