Bye Bye Bubbles: Why Soft Suds doesn’t bubble up big

Bye Bye Bubbles: Why Soft Suds doesn’t bubble up big

There’s something irresistible about bathtime bubbles for kids, isn’t there? Those frothy mountains of lather just beckon little hands to swirl and splatter in sheer sudsy delight. But all those piles of fluff could be taking a harsh toll on butter-soft baby skin.

The Soapy Sulfate Culprit

The ingredient behind all that fabulous foam? Sulfates - specifically sulfated surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). These potent detergents are terrific at capturing oil and grease, which is why they create such a rich, bubbly lather. However, their very efficacy at stripping away dirt and oil is also what makes them so drying and irritating, especially for babies’ delicate, underdeveloped skin.

The skin’s fragile protective lipids can be easily compromised by harsh cleansing agents like sulfates, leading to dryness, irritation, and disruption of the skin's natural defences against allergens and bacteria. For little ones prone to conditions like eczema, sulfates can exacerbate inflammation and that vicious itch-scratch cycle.

A Kinder Kind of Clean

At Noody, we believe bathtime should be soothing, not cause extra angst for your little one’s skin. That’s why our Soft Suds Bath & Body Wash is purposefully formulated without sulfates or soaps.

Instead, we’ve harnessed the gentle cleansing powers of botanicals like soothing Kūmarahou, calming Chamomile, and nourishing Oat Kernel Extract to wash away dirt and impurities while protecting the skin barrier and maintaining the skin’s natural moisture.

To appease the need for foam, we’ve added just a touch of ultra-mild surfactants derived from coconut to create those coveted (but soft!) bubbles that make tub-time fun.

While they may not produce the same epic froth as conventional baby washes, our low-lather, concentrated Soft Suds still allow for plenty of sudsy shenanigans. More importantly, their sulfate-free, naturally-derived formula leaves your little one’s skin feeling comfortably clean and hydrated rather than dried out and irritated.

Gentle Fun for Delicate Skin

So ignore the siren’s call of those billowing bubble mountains this bathtime, parents. With Noody’s dreamy, lavender-scented Soft Suds, you can skip the sulfates but still get in on all the splash-tastic fun. Just gentler, all-natural, and all-kind for your butter baby’s skin.