5 Step Calm Bath Routine

5 Step Calm Bath Routine

Days with kids can be big, busy, chaotic whirlwinds! If the day's plan goes out the window, dinner-bath-bed becomes the grounding routine to ensure a calm bedtime. That's why bath time is so important to provide a blissful pause. A chance to wash away all the day's grime, sand, and spaghetti remnants. SO much sand, so much spaghetti, and always in the strangest places.

If bath time kicks off your bedtime routine, those moments are ripe for cultivating a true sense of calm. We asked around and compiled the most popular steps so you can create a delightfully relaxed bath ritual that cues those wound-up little bodies that sleepy time is near.

  1. Commit to Routine Keeping things predictable will help your child to feel calm and in control. They know what's expected of them and learn to anticipate what's coming next. Even if the day goes haywire, following consistent steps each night is the best foundation for a smooth evening routine. Aim for bath time to last about 10-15 minutes to prevent dry skin and keep the routine manageable.

  2. A Little Prep Gather all you need; towels, Lotion Potion, nappies, fresh PJs, and nunu, stuffie or blankie (hello comfort!) before running that water. This lets you stay present and connected and removes any gaps or opportunities for your nude nugget to start doing laps of the lounge while you're hunting for essentials.

  3. Vibes Look, they're not checking in to a day spa BUT you can create those zen vibes with low light, toasty room temps to avoid post-bath goosebumps, and the subtle scent of Lavender in our Soft Suds to soothe frazzled feelings. Be sure the TV is off in the background, and your phone is away to avoid distractions. And remember, never leave your little one unattended in the bath, not even for a second – safety first, always!

  4. Massage The perks are two-fold - a nurturing massage using our Lotion Potion with long gentle strokes helps release happy, calming chemicals to regulate heart rates and breathing. As well as delivering a dose of lasting nourishment to help skin hold onto that soft, balmy feeling long after they've left the tub. Massage is skin nourishing, calming and bonding all in one! Pro tip: Apply Lotion Potion within 3 minutes of toweling off to lock in that moisture and keep skin happy.

  5. Cuddles To truly luxuriate in the balmy after-bath bliss… Snuggle up with a story. The days are long but the years are short. After another exhausting day of parenting, ten minutes of intentional cuddles and connection will savour these fleeting moments. It's the perfect time to wind down together and let the calm of bath time ease you both into a peaceful night's sleep.

By following these steps, you're not just cleaning your little one – you're creating a soothing ritual that sets the stage for sweet dreams and gives you both a moment of calm in the chaos of parenting. Happy bathing!